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Frequently Asked Questions

What is support?
If you have a question or issue, we're here to help.
Why is priority support better?
Priority support - as the name says - has more priority. If you are a paying customer and you have an important question, you want answers. Soon. On workdays we will help you within 24h.
What's the difference between support and Discovery tickets?
Honestly, we think 'support' is old fashionate. It works well for the Q&A-type issues, but really helping customers and making a difference requires something else. Learning, assisting, helping or meeting are all about discovering new things, new solutions, new connections. We love to put our team-hat on and help you discover!
Why do Discovery tickets have a prepaid approach?
It is our experience that paid on-demand support is a major threshold and a real idea killer. When you are excited about something, but need to come to a financial agreement first (getting approval, running it by the financial department, get PO-numbers, etc.), enthusiasm fades rapidly.

With the prepaid Discovery tickets we eliminate this threshold. It enables us to respond faster and keep energy levels as high as possible. Negotiate less, do more!
Are Discovery tickets for personal use, or for the whole organization?
You decide. If your organization has a dedicated Tube system it's up to you who may use your purchased tickets.

Individual users working in the Community Edition with your clients and colleagues can equally benefit from Discovery tickets.
Can I purchase Discovery tickets as a free/trial user?
No. Only customers/users from the Personal, Business or Everything plan can purchase Discovery tickets. If you don't need a Tube system, or personal plan we can still help you. In that case our consultancy fees apply. Please contact us and we'll make a plan together.

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If you don't have a paid plan and purchase Discovery tickets, we will refund your order.

Can I give my Discovery tickets to someone else?
Yes! The idea behind the Discovery tickets is 'Use them for anything'. If that means you want to help someone else, that is a very kind thing to do.
What languages do you speak?
We're based in the Netherlands (Dutch) and speak fluent English.

If you require other languages, please contact us. Depending on what you're looking for we might know people from our network or help you train someone from within your organization.
Can I schedule a meeting to discuss options first?
Sure! Nothing beats a realtime meeting and getting to know fellow visual design thinkers.

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